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Sapphire is an ideal optical material. It not only has a wider pass band than traditional optical materials such as BK7, but also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and high temperature resistance. More importantly, uncoated sapphire can reach Grade 9 hardness is second only to the hardness of diamonds in nature, which means that sapphire can have excellent scratch resistance, so that it can still work normally under harsh conditions. Our sapphire window uses KY with excellent optical performance The growth method material is made through cold optical processing steps such as cutting, orientation, cutting, rounding, grinding, polishing, etc. It has excellent optical and mechanical properties. At the same time, we can provide general precision, high precision and ultra high precision products with different processing precisions to choose from. All are subject to customer needs and drawings. Also we have some products in stock, please contact us for more details.

The application of sapphire rod and sapphire tube mainly utilizes the high surface hardness and excellent mechanical properties of sapphire. In our customer base, polished sapphire rods are mainly used as plunger rods for precision pumps. At the same time, due to the good insulation properties of sapphire, some customers use unpolished or only cylindrically polished sapphire rods as insulating rods in some HIFI Audio equipment, precision electronic control equipment. There are two main types of sapphire rods we provide. The main difference is only in the surface quality, the cylindrical surface is polished and the cylindrical surface is not polished. The choice of surface quality is entirely determined by the specific needs of the customer. The sapphire tube is a hollowed-out rod, which can reach a longer length like the sapphire rod. Since it is basically impossible to manufacture diamond tubes, sapphire tubes are a very good alternative.

The light guide is a key element in cosmetic laser or intense pulsed light (IPL) applications. IPL is commonly used to remove unwanted hair, as well as a range of other cosmetic applications. Sapphire is a common substitute for BK7 and fused silica. It is an extremely hard material and can withstand higher-energy lasers. In IPL applications, sapphire acts as a cooling crystal that contacts the skin, providing better treatment effects at the same time It can also provide a very good cooling protection effect on the treatment surface. Compared with BK7 and quartz, sapphire can also provide higher durability and resistance to damage, reducing equipment maintenance investment. Sapphire also provides excellent transmittance across the entire visible and short-wave infrared range.

In addition to high compressive strength (sapphire 2Gpa, steel 250Mpa, Gorilla Glass 900Mpa), high Mohs hardness, sapphire also has excellent chemical and optical properties. Sapphire is in the range of 300nm to 5500nm (covering ultraviolet and visible light). And infrared region) has excellent transmission performance, the transmission peak at the wavelength of 300nm-500nm reaches almost 90%. Sapphire is a birefringent material, so many of its optical properties depend on the crystal orientation. On its ordinary axis, its refractive index ranges from 1.796 at 350 nm to 1.761 at 750 nm. Even if the temperature changes greatly, its change is very small. If you are designing satellite lens systems with various extreme temperatures, refractive index optical sensors for acids, military displays that need to be protected from severe weather conditions, or monitoring conditions in high-pressure rooms, sapphire glass will be your best choose.

Synthetic sapphire bearings and ruby ​​bearings, due to their hardness and ability to receive high polishing, are generally regarded as ideal jewel bearing materials for instruments, meters, control devices and other precision machinery. These bearings have low friction, long life and high dimensional accuracy. . important. The hardness is second only to diamond. The chemical composition of synthetic sapphire is the same as natural sapphire, but because impurities and blemishes are removed, it is a superior gem bearing material, and even at high temperatures, sapphire is not subject to acidic or alkaline environments. Impact. Therefore, its applications in petrochemical, process control and medical instruments are in great demand. . Sapphire bearings can be used in a range of industrial applications.

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