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Optical Synthetic Sapphire Glass Window

Material: Optical Grade( KY Method) Sapphire, With No Defections Inside C-Axis. A-Axis.

Dimensions: From D2~D250 OR 2×2 ~ 250 x 250mm

Thickness: From 0.5 to 200mm

Tolerance: Best As ±0.02mm

Parallelism: Best As 2Arc Seconds.

Surface Quality: Based on MIL-PRF-13830B Standard, S/D 80/50~ S/D 20/10

Surface Flatness: Best As λ/10 @633nm (Depends on 10mm Thick)

Clear Aperture: Better Than 90% Over Diameter.

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Except Synthetic diamond window, The Physical properties of sapphire Glass is almost better than all other optical materials, and in many cases better than other non-optical materials. Sapphire glass show excellent performance in many applications that require extreme mechanical, optical, thermal, and chemical stability.

Sapphire Glass are widely used in the ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared bandwidth ranges, and provide characteristics such as extreme surface hardness, acid, alkali and other chemical durability and scratch resistance. They also provide high strength and high temperature resistance and excellent transmittance.

Sapphire Glass Window can be used for sensor and detector, viewports, cover lens, cover window, sapphire pressure window, vacuum sapphire window, oil observation port, gas observation port. Sapphire Glass Cover On Pipe Camera

In short, synthetic sapphire is an ideal window material with high environmental tolerance, wide light transmission frequency band, and good light transmission effect. If you have certain requirements for light transmittance, you can choose anti-reflection coating on the back of the sapphire to increase the transmittance of specific frequency bands or visible light. But it can only be coated on the side that is not in

Sapphire Viewports contact with the harsh environment, because the coating is easily scratched

Unlike Natural Sapphire (Gemstones), Synthetic sapphire is cheap while people can make it in lab. And With the continuous development of technology and the increasing popularity of sapphire applications, the price of sapphire windows has become lower and lower. Hope that in the near future, sapphire can be used on a larger scale in various applications.

Optic-Well Offer you a wide range of sapphire windows to choose.

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Sapphire Glass Cover On Pipe Camera

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Sapphire Viewports

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