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Synthetic Sapphire Washers For Isolator

High Precision Dimension Tolerance.

White/ Red Color Can Be Chosen.

Low Cost For Unit Pieces While Mass Production.

Various Types Can Be Chosen.

High Structural Strength, Not Easy To Break.

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With good insulation ability, Hardness only after diamond, High strength, Sapphire are often used as Washers, Bearings. As a supplier for many famous company and research labs. Such as Microsoft Quantum Center, Johns Hopkins University APL, ETC… we have reliable and proven technology supplying our customers the best products with competitive price. Sapphire Washers can be made with larger outer & inner diameter for larger applications. They serve as excellent insulators due to Sapphire’s inertness. And because of the material’s compressive strength it will stand up to most conditions.

A sapphire washer can be surface Polished transparent/ Ground cloudy, Best Tolerance for this product can be up to ±0.01, it can be made for large size and small size, if you are interested in purchasing sapphire washers, please send us your drawings, we will quote you as soon as possible.  it usual can withstand harsh environments without wear or corrosion. We can also mount the Sapphire Orifice Jewel into various materials, including Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Plastic, etc.  This will ease installation of the jewel into your instrument.  We can mount the Orifice Jewel for applications up to 50,000 PSI.

In addition to being used as industrial products, sapphire rings can also be used as beautiful jewelry. Many jewelers use sapphire rings as the inlay substrate, and assemble gold, silver or colored gemstones on sapphire gaskets in dynamic or static inlays to make these precious metals And jewelry can be displayed more vividly.

Optic-Well is highly welcome you to make prototype orders, we are willing to help our customer finish their design with low cost and fast delivery. Depends on your request we can offer you small quantity testing orders , bulk production.

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