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Optical Sapphire Right Angle Prism

Can Be Used To Deviate A Light Path By 90° Or 180°

Can Be Coated As Request.

Size Ranging From 3 To 60 mm

Optical Grade Ky Sapphire Material.

Low Min Order Quantity Requested.

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BK7, Quartz are most common materials for prisms , but compare to Sapphire, they are

seems to be not perfect on every properties.

. Optical Properties: Sapphire has wide light transmission band. It allows prism working at UV,VIS and NIR area. (180nm~4500nm). While BK7(330nm~2100nm) ; Quartz( 200nm~2500nm)

.Physical Properties: Sapphire is the hardest material next to diamond, A sapphire prism can be exposed to extreme abradants such as sand and particulates with minimal effect on the clarity of the optics. During sapphire have wide transmission ability it is also extreme tough and strong. it’s considered to be an ideal materials for optical parts.

Right-angle prisms are often used to turn the light path or to deflect the image of an optical system by 90 degrees. Depending on the orientation of the prism, the image can be consistent from left to right and upside down to left and right. Right-angle prisms can also be used in applications such as images, beam offsets, and so on.

Right angle prism: Using critical angular characteristics, the efficient internal full reflection incident light is one of the basic functions of right angle prism. When used with right angle prisms, some optical films are usually coated. Generally there is aluminum-plated silver-plated medium high anti Different film systems have different reflection effects, right angle prism itself has a large contact area and has 45 degrees, 90 degrees such a typical angle, so, and ordinary mirrors, right angle prisms are easier to install, mechanical stress has better stability and strength. They are the best choice for optical parts for a wide range of devices and instruments.

We mainly produce custom sapphire prism as our customers’ request, so please send us your DWG. Or request by words ,we will quote you very soon as we see you mail.

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