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Sapphire Light Guide For IPL Machine

High Purity Synthetic Sapphire Material.

Optical Polished Surface.

Safety Chamfer.

Dimensions Can Be Customized.

Coating Available

Cost-effective, Good Performance, Durable

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Sapphire light guides are used mainly for cosmetic lasers and IPL machines for aesthetic applications. It is a Hexahedron optical cube with all six optical polishing surfaces, and on one surface coated cut-off filter film, generally block the light of frequency below 575nm, and let 600nm to 1200nm pass through. Sapphire light guide allows the light through with low damage by the other end of the surface, and then shine on the skin surface for laser beauty purpose. Also sapphire light guide is an excellent cooling media while the laser light may burn your skin during treatment, as it is, many people called it sapphire cooling block.

Sapphire has excellent thermal conductivity, and the single crystal structure is more resistant to large-energy lasers. It is used on IPL devices to provide customers excellent comfort and absolute safety. Under the premise of ensuring excellent use effect, it can also greatly increase the service life of the product, reduce the loss of consumables, and improve the economic benefits for users.

Sapphire is the best upgrade plan for BK7 glass and quartz materials. Sapphire light guide can be customized according to your designs. But mainly as cubes, cuboid and tapered. Coating is available too.

Advantages of Sapphire light guides:

. High-precision processing results in good surface quality and durability

. Sapphire crystal materials have excellent optical, thermodynamic and mechanical properties.

. Reliable using under laser pulse for a long time, to ensure the safety of cosmetic instruments surgery

. High damage threshold, longer service life.

Product features: high gloss, no bubbles, high temperature, corrosion resistance, high hardness, high light transmission

Energy transmission capacity.

The optical bands of the main coating of sapphire crystal guide blocks are:

430nm/480nm: Acne/Acne

530nm: Spots/wrinkles

560nm: Whitening skin

580nm: Red blood wire

640nm/670nm/690nm: hair removal

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