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Optical Sapphire Crystal Rod Lens

Optical Grade Synthetic Sapphire Grown In China.

Various Surface Quality Can Be Chosen.

Various Head Shapes Can Be Chosen.

Flat Ends Can Be Highly Polished With Best Flatness λ/10 @633nm

Polishing & Grinding Area Can Be Specified.

Maximum Length Up To 300mm, Minimum Diameter As OD1mm.

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Sapphire Rods can be used as Rod lenses, Plunger, Bearings, Wire Guide, ETC.

Why more and more customers choose sapphire today? Not only because of the hardness grade of sapphire, also the superior Physical properties and Mature Technology.

Optical Properties
Refractive Index 1.769//C-axis,1.760±C-axis at 0.5893μm
Visible Light >85% Excellent
Infrared 85% 0.75~4μm,70% 4.7μm, 50% 5.2μm
Ultraviolet 80% 0.4~0.3μm,60% 0.28μm, 50% 0.2μm
Mechanical Properties
Mohs‘ Hardness Mohs9,Knoop≥1700kg/mm2
Modulus of Elasticity 3.5x106~3.9x106 kg/cm2
Compressive Strength 2.1x104kg/cm2
Tensile Strength 1.9x103kg/cm2

As Sapphire was Lab-Created in 1916, Sapphire and sapphire tooling method became widely used and more cheaper than the time it’s born. From the Ingot to Rods there are several steps:

Crystal Growingà OrienteeringàDrillingàCuttingàRoundingàGrindingàPolishing.

Sapphire Rods are likely to use as wear resistant accessories more widely, but as human technology expanding, sapphire rod lens will take more place in the future. Rod lens is polished on the circumference and ground on both ends. Optical performance is similar to a cylinder lens. Collimated light passing through the diameter of the rod will be focused into a line. The addition of this product line is part of a continued effort to support current trends toward miniaturization.

Typical Sapphire Rods.

Raw Sapphire Rods: All fine Ground (Cloudy Surfaces)

Sapphire Rod Lens: Top & Bottom Optical Polished Best Surface Flatness Up to λ/10 @633nm

Sapphire Corn Rod: Any Degree, One/Two Ends. Ground/Polished, Customized By Client.

Domed Sapphire Rod: One/Two Ends Domed, Ground/Polished, Customized By Client.

All Transparent Sapphire Rods: Cylinder Surface Polished Transparent, Top & Bottom Optical Polished

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