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Polished Sapphire/Ruby Transparent Ball

High Quality Synthetic Sapphire Material, Multiple Orientation Available.

Maximum Size Up To OD12mm,Minimum Size As OD0.8mm

High Precision Dimension Tolerances.

Best Surface Quality Up To S/D 40/20.

Ruby And White Sapphire Can Be Chosen.

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Sapphire/Ruby Ball is made of synthetic single crystal sapphire/ruby. Synthetic Ruby shows its red color to traces of chromium oxide (typically impurity chromium of ruby balls is under 0.5%). While white sapphire and ruby have same physical and chemical properties, their optical properties are little bit different, Ruby Balls are easier to see and therefore easier to handle for physical applications. Made of ruby ​​with the characteristics of corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and good light transmission. It is often used in flow meters for liquids or gases used in highly corrosive environments. Ball valves, plugs for optical fiber communication equipment, and linear code reader devices. The ruby ball measuring head can be used for the wear-resistant and insulating measuring heads of measuring instruments and precision measuring instruments.

In some application. Sapphire ball (Transparent) are often used as ball lenses to focus and collimate light accurately. Sapphire has superior optical transmission qualities. It has very low spherical aberration, under the same aperture, the aberration of the sapphire ball is only 23% compare the BK7 Convex lens. They are economical and easy to mount with very high accuracy. Sapphire can transit spectrum from 200nm to 5.3μm with excellent hardness, strength and temperature resistance, allow it used in harsh working conditions. Another widely used application of sapphire ball is water meter valve core and precise flow control system. Due to the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of sapphire, coupled with high-precision processing, the sapphire ball can still be used for years and months. Maintain accuracy and durability

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