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Custom Sapphire Components

In order to enable you to design your product better in advance here we give a short introduction for our ability:

Minimum size of orifice: 0.2mm tolerance ±0.01mm

Minimum diameter of rods: 0.4mm tolerance ±0.01mm

Maximum diameter of plate: φ250mm

Longest size: 250mm

Best tolerance: when D>10mm best as ±0.02mm, when D<10 can be up to ±0.01mm

Best surface quality: S/D 20/10 Per MIL-PRF-13830 Standard

Best surface flatness: λ/10 @633nm

C.A: >98% over diameter.

Parallelism: Best As 2Arc Seconds.

If you do not find useful information in the above introduction, you are welcome to contact us

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Sapphire is a single crystal form of Al2O3, with a favorable combination of chemical, mechanical and optical properties. Sapphire is resistant to attack by strong acids, enabling use in a corrosive atmosphere. It is resistant to scratch and abrasion with very high Knoop hardness of 1800 parallel to the optic axis (C-axis), 2200 perpendicular to the optic axis.

Optic-Well is a company aimed at Custom Sapphire/Ruby Parts market,and we only supply sapphire and ruby parts for now. At present, our main processing methods include rounding, drilling, grooving, grinding, polishing, laser cutting, etc. Custom parts are highly depends on customers’ requests, if you want to make a customized order, here you can find how to do:

.Send us your drawings à .Waiting our confirmation if we can do exactly as your drawings and suggestions for your designà .Confirm if our suggestion is ok for you, if ok then you can send PO with signature to usà.We will confirm your PO and send PI for you, Start productionà  Delivery.

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