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Customized Sapphire Crystal Optical Parts

Sapphire Windows- Round / Square / Rectangular / Wedged / Stepped / Ring / Drilled

Sapphire Rods & Tubes- Cone Head / Domed Head / Flat Head / Drilled

Sapphire Jewels- Ring / Cup Jewels / Jewel Bearings / Customized Parts

Sapphire Prism- Right Angle / Penta / Dove / Roof / Rhomboid

Sapphire Light Guide- Domed Head / Flat head

Sapphire Ball- Ruby / Sapphire

Sapphire Lenses- Concave / Convex / Meniscus

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Synthetic Sapphire glass,hardness of 9, can be added a variety of chemical elements to show different colors. Commonly using colorless which is called White Sapphire and red color called Ruby. The hardness of synthetic sapphire are higher than ordinary glasses but it is also more difficult to process ,as a result the price is relatively high. Synthetic sapphire common used as optical parts and mechanical wear parts

Sapphire glass/ ruby glass has very good thermal properties, excellent electrical and dielectric properties, and anti-chemical corrosion, it is resistant to high temperature, have good thermal conductivity, high hardness, permeable infrared, good chemical stability. Therefore, it is commonly used to replace other materials to make optical components ,infrared optical window and some mechanical wear parts such as: used in night vision infrared and far-infrared sights, night vision cameras and other instruments and satellites, space technology instruments and used as high-power laser windows, various optical prisms, optical windows, UV and IR windows and lenses, low temperature experiment observation port, in the navigation of aerospace with high precision instrumentation and other applications. Sapphire is not only widely used as an optical component, because of its high hardness and strength, it is also widely used as wear-resistant parts, washers, nozzles, bearings and so on.

Optic-well Sapphire offer you various custom sapphire parts solutions, Contact us if you want to sure whether your design can be manufactured.

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