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Sapphire/Ruby Bearings For Precision Equipment

Precision Dimensions and Tolerance Can Be Reached.

Hardness,Heat Resistant, Corrosion, Distortion

Non-Magnetic and High Dielectric Properties

Low Cost For Bulk Production.

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Hard Materials are widely used as bearings because of their hardness and abrasion performance, Synthetic Sapphire and Ruby are the best materials for precision instruments bearings, because this material can be high polished and their outstanding hardness. When you choose Sapphire/Ruby as your bearings you will know the advantages

Sapphire & Ruby Bearings are widely used in many precision & Tinny instruments. Since Ruby was synthesized in the laboratory, it has been quickly and widely used as the bearing of clocks and watches, and the service life of the clocks has been greatly extended. With the expansion of technology and applications, sapphire is used by more and more precision instruments today, mainly because of the wear-resistant properties of sapphire. Under normal circumstances, people are more willing to use ruby, not only because of its appearance The red color makes it easier to find, and because the ruby ​​looks expensive to everyone

Basically there are main types as below:

Ring Jewel Bearing. -Radical Or Sleeve Bearings Used With A Straight Cylindrical Shaft.

Vee Jewel Bearing. - Offer minimum friction when used with conical, small radiused pivots and permit slight

lateral movement.

Endstone Jewel Bearing - Wide use as a thrust bearing in combination with a ring jewel which serves as the

annular jewel bearing

Cup Jewel Bearing. - Widely used for vertical shaft applications.

Orifice Jewel Bearing. -Usually used as water jet head and Oil jet head.

We not only provide the product styles mentioned above, our characteristic is that we can cooperate with customers to make unique customized products, if you are interested in cooperate with us, please contact us.

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