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FLIR Imaging System Sapphire Lenses

High Purity Optical Grade Synthetic Sapphire.

Wide Transmission Band From IR To UV.

Customized Shapes And Optical Requests.

Various Types Can Be Chosen.

Tough Surface Hardness, Stable chemical properties

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A lens is an optical element made of a transparent material whose surface is a part of a spherical surface. Lenses can be widely used in various fields such as security, automotive, digital cameras, lasers, optical instruments, etc. With the continuous development of the market, lens technology has become more and more widely used. The lens is made according to the principle of light refraction. A lens is an optical element made of transparent materials (such as glass, crystal, etc.). The lens is a refracting lens, and its refractive surface is a transparent body with two spherical surfaces (part of the spherical surface), or one spherical surface (part of the spherical surface) and one plane. The images it forms have real and virtual images.

Typical Lenses:

. Convex lens: thick in the middle, thin at the edge, there are three kinds of Convex Lens: Biconvex, Plano-Convex, and Concave-Convex;

. Concave lens: thin in the middle, thick at the edge, there are three kinds of Concave lens : Biconcave, Plano-Concave, and Convex-Concave.

. Others: Others Customized Lenses can be made if you can provide your specifications.

High optical quality Sapphire is used for lenses in systems that require durability and ruggedness where standard materials suffer from grit, impact and temperature damage. Sapphire lenses also offer high performance in laser devices, offering high thermal conductivity. The broad transmission of Sapphire, across visible and NIR spectrums(From 0.15~7.5 microns), make it ideal for FLIR imaging systems in hazardous environments, or where the reduced thickness of Sapphire lenses lead to reduced system footprint. At the same time, sapphire has acid and alkali corrosion resistance, allowing sapphire to work under any harsh working conditions

Contact us for more information about sapphire lenses. We are happy to take prototypes sampling works with you.

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