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Wear Resistant Synthetic Sapphire Rod

Superior hardness Only Next To Diamond.

Stable chemical properties, almost can’t be attacked by Alkali or Acid.

High insulating properties.

Wide Transmission Band.

Red Color Can Be Chosen (Ruby)

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Sapphire rods are widely used in many applications. Its widely used as HPLC pump plungers, bearings, rod lenses, insulators ETC. Sapphire rods can be all polished transparent for optical and abrasion applications. Also all fine ground (unpolished) sapphire rods can be used as an insulator. Sapphire rods are available in a variety of outer diameters and lengths. Optic-Well Sapphire supply various shapes sapphire rods for our customer. Here are typical shapes we producing.

. Flat Head Sapphire Rods.

. Cone Head Sapphire Rods.

. Domed Head Sapphire Rods.

. Wedged Sapphire Rods.

. Stepped Sapphire Rods.

ALL The Sapphire Rods Can Be Polished Or Grinding As Specified.

These are reasons why sapphire can be trusted by so many customers:

Synthetic Sapphire is a lab-created rhombohedra hexagonal single crystal. In most cases, the sapphire that people know is a natural sapphire formed naturally, it presents a variety of colors and is worn by people as precious jewels. Of course synthetic sapphire can be used as jewelry, but what better reflects the use value of synthetic sapphire is as a variety of optical and mechanical parts. Sapphire's excellent wear resistance and wide transmission band make it an ideal optical and wear-resistant material. But because sapphire is very hard, it means that it cannot withstand too much impact, otherwise it will break, Therefore, sapphire is often used for applications that bear static pressure abrasion and are not subject to large impact loads.

Optic-Well Sapphire also offer different surface quality for you to choose from. All surfaces polished transparent / Ends polished / Round surface polished / All fine ground ,if you have your design already, you are welcome to send us your drawings request for a quotation.

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