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Durable Square Sapphire IR Window

Shapes: Any Shapes you can offer is possible while thickness under 0.8mm( Laser Cutting Method)

While Thickness above 0.8mm, Please send us your DWG to see if we can do.

Largest size Sapphire window we can supply is around φ250mm(250x250mm) x 20mm

Minimum size around φ2mm(2x2mm)x 0.5mm

Tolerance: Best As ±0.02mm

Radius of Corners: Minimum as R0.3mm

Surface Quality: Best As S/D 20/10.

Wedges: Best As In 2”

Surface Flatness: Best As λ/10 @633nm

Chamfer: R Chamfer minimum size: R0.3mm C Chamfer minimum size: 0.2mm x 45°

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Optic-well supply different shapes sapphire components. Sapphire window is the basic product we offered. While the Round Sapphire Windows are most common used for most customers, we also offer different customized sapphire windows such as drilled sapphire windows, Square sapphire windows, Rectangular windows and many other shapes sapphire windows according to your DWG. Our square sapphire window uses KY method synthetic sapphire as raw material (KY sapphire is usually used as optical grade sapphire, because it is easier to obtain perfect crystals without bubbles, grain boundaries and other crystal defects) after a series of cutting, grinding, polishing , Testing and other processes, each product has a reliable guarantee in quality.

Sapphire window is the best solution for harsh working conditions, Impact-resistant, high-temperature, acid-base, cold and heat-resistant,they are the reasons why sapphire windows are widely used as Isolate windows, Vacuum Windows, IR-Camera Windows. In case to protect the Precision photoelectric and infrared sensors, different shapes sapphire windows are needed to fit the enclosure of different equipment. Round and Square windows are most popular shapes for many customers, but if you want any other shapes, we can manufacture as your design too.

Typical Shapes Square Sapphire Window.

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