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Step Sapphire Window For Industrial Equipment

Price Will Be Higher About 30% Than Plane Sapphire Windows .

Outstanding Anti-Scratch And Light Transmission Capacity .

Better assembly adaptability.

Various Shapes And Sizes Available .

Precision Optical Properties Can Be Chosen.

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Step sapphire window is another kind of square/round window. The biggest difference between normal square(round) sapphire window and step window is the step between the two planes on step sapphire windows. There are no more differences in any specification for sapphire material itself. but only the shapes. The stepped sapphire window also has the same excellent mechanical, optical and chemical properties as the flat window, but the stepped shape is conducive to the assembly of the product, and it can also be coated on the non-environmental contact surface.

Step Sapphire window have two main shapes, Round / Square we can supply both shapes, and also we can manufacture irregular shapes sapphire window according to your DWG. There are several tips you should know during your design.

.Minimum Radius of Right-Angle Edge is 0.3mm.

.Can be all Polished but only Mechanical transparent quality for round surfaces. Flat Surfaces can be optical polished.

.Thinnest Step is around 0.5mm.

.No difference with optical properties.

.Maximum Size: Not Bigger than 300x300mm

.Minimum Size: Not Smaller than 2x2mm

As information above, please consider these points into your design, that will be helpful for our manufacturing.

Anyway, It’s depend on our customers’ design how we produce our products. We will help you to turn your design into reality, as one of our vision since our company funded. If you are looking for a supplier for your Step Sapphire Windows. We can be your best choice.

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