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Sapphire Window For Pipe Camera

Ultra-High Hardness, Not Easy To Scratch.

High Strength, Not Easy To Break.

Good Transmission Ability Under Visible Light.

Various Shapes Can Be Ordered.

Low Cost For Bulk Purchasing.

Fast Sampling, Free Shipping .

Various Coating Can Be Choosing.

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Pipe Cameras are inspection cameras that get their name from their most frequent application; pipes and drains. During use, the front end of the pipe camera often needs to travel through harsh conditions to reach the detection of the entire pipe condition or to the inspection point. During the journey to the work surface and shuttle, the camera cover will rub against the sediment and dirt in the pipe, and even face hard scrapes and impacts on the lens. In order to ensure the normal operation of the camera, it is often necessary for the camera cover to withstand acid and alkali, hard impact, without scratches, dirt, and even broken conditions. Sapphire windows are well-placed to handle these harsh conditions.

Sapphire is extremely strong and scratch resistant – making it the perfect choice for camera covers. Although sapphires may be twice or three times more expensive than BK7 or other glass window materials, the cost and durability benefits are not just two to three times greater for long-term equipment and equipment in harsh conditions. Sapphire may be the best choice for long-term use and stable performance considerations, after all, only diamonds are harder than sapphires in nature, and it is almost impossible to make a diamond window. Meanwhile, has good mechanics and can withstand high impact, and its fracture toughness is three times that of Corning Gorilla Glass. Sapphire in addition to the surface hardness is very high, acid – base corrosion resistance is also very good. It will only be heated to a certain temperature for HF acid corrosion and will not be corroded at all when used as a daily pipe camera.

Optic-Well Sapphire Optics offer you customized sapphire windows for pipe cameras, also we have stocked sapphire windows for your basic testings, please don’t be hesitate  to contact us if you are interested in our sapphire parts.

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