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Synthetic Sapphire Ring Washers

Superior Electrical Resistivity.

High Mechanical Strength.

Stable Chemical Properties.

High Precision Dimensions.

Red / White Color Can Be Chosen.

Crystal Clear Luxurious Appearance .

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With good insulation ability, Hardness only after diamond, High strength, Sapphire are often used as Washers, Bearings. As a supplier for many famous company and research labs. Such as Microsoft Quantum Center, Johns Hopkins University APL, ETC… we have reliable and proven technology supplying our customers the best products with competitive price.  Jewel bearings are used in a variety of applications where durability, wear-resistance, low friction and/or extreme environment conditions are performance factors. Manufacturing repeatability, tight tolerances and highly polished finishes are among the greatest attributes of jewel

Synthetic Sapphire has excellent insulating properties and mechanical properties, and because it can become transparent after polishing, it becomes an ideal insulating washer. Our company can provide sapphire washer customization services, and we are very good at providing customized recommendations and proofing services for our customers. Our main business is customized sapphire parts and ruby​​optical/mechanical components, so we don’t have a lot of products in stock, but if you have sample test requirements, you can also ask us if we have stock products that are similar to your design. , You only need to pay a small fee to complete the product performance test with very fast delivery.

Under normal circumstances, people use industrial sapphire as industrial parts, but now more and more jewelers use industrial sapphire as an auxiliary material for expensive jewelry. Sapphire can resist wear and tear in daily wear and do not change color , Not easy to damage. And because of its transparent characteristics, it can create a suspension, transparency, and set off for expensive jewelry, making the jewelry look more shining and innovative.

You are welcome to contact us via email or instant messaging software. If our stock products are not suitable for you, please send us your design drawings or detailed requirements. Under normal circumstances, our MOQ quantity is 20 pieces, but the specific adjustments will be made according to the size of the product. This is determined by the production equipment and we can no longer reduce it.

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